Her moment matters Unesco

Created at BETC Paris


Only 4% of all sports media coverage is dedicated to women athletes. Even then, many times this coverage is sexist and degrading to women.


To make people aware of this issue I created two radio campaigns for World Radio Day under the umbrella idea “Her Moment Matters” that encouraged the media to give female athletes the coverage they deserve.

1 sport, 2 stories: Three radio spots in which a victorious moment in sports is told from the point of view of both a female and a male athlete at the same time. On the left earphone you could listen to the male athlete and on the right earphone you would listen to the female athlete. All stories were inspired by real-life stories from women athletes.

Diary of an Athlete: Two radio spots narrated by young girls who imagine themselves sacrificing everything to achieve their dream of being a celebrated athlete only to be cut at the end by a sports commentator that makes a sexist remark that has nothing to do with their achievement. Once again all comments are inspired by real situations female athletes have faced.


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