What makes me different from other creative directors?

I guess I can sum it up in one word: duality. I was brought up by a ‘suit & tie’ type of father and a free-spirited mother. I had a keen sense of business and a sensibility for the arts. I’m the guy who tip-toed his way to the creative side even though it was always his calling. I started working in production, switched to the client side of a multinational corporation and finally decided to follow my dream of being a creative.

Do I regret taking the long road there?

Absolutely not. I’m a true integrated creative. Not just because I’m comfortable doing digital and traditional work, but because I’ve worked in every side of this business.

What does that mean?

Well, that the right side of my brain is sprawling with crazy ideas while the left side’s rational and marketing skills help me decipher the client’s needs. Luckily, you don’t have to choose if you want the right side of my brain or the left side. Both are up for grabs in the same person. Me.

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My Left brain

Don’t underestimate this side of my brain. It’s always been strong enough to keep the right side in check. Here every experience, thought and word is perfectly catalogued and used with a keen business sense to create “big ideas” that not only sell, but strike a chord as well.

My Right brain

There’s no room for the fainthearted on this side of my brain. It’s a veritable child’s playground! A chaos of creativity! It’s where wacky ideas run rampant; where I collect life experiences, mental snapshots random crazy thoughts, and brew them all together to create what I like to call “the fun stuff”.