Chroma Musee de l'homme

Created at Leo Burnett Paris


To help promote an exhibition against racism we decided to show how beautiful different colors can be when they come together.


With the 2017 elections, racism was on the rise in France. To open people’s minds, the Musée de l’Homme created “Nous et les Autres” (Us and Them), a year-long exhibit against racism.

To promote it, we asked people to come together with a friend of a different color to create their own poster of the exhibition. How? Through Chroma, a digital application that allows people to use their skin colors to create they very own posters. People could share their posters on social media and some of them were even printed in real-time and spread throughout Paris as billboards and press ads.


  • Cyber: Shortlist 2017
  • Media: Shortlist 2017
  • Mobile: Bronze 2017