Not my Job PornHub

Created at BETC Paris


No household object nor vegetable in the produce aisle will ever give you as much pleasure as one of Pornhub’s adult toys.


To promote Pornhub’s new line of adult toys during confinement we created a comedic music video that sees a variety of phallic and vulvic household objects protest their roles as makeshift sex toys to the tune of the Blood Hound Gang’s classic hit “The Bad Touch”.
We then scouted the internet for every object people use to pleasure themselves with and turned them into one time use promo codes on Pornhub for a discount on their sex toys


  • Film: “Viral Film”: Shortlist 2021
  • Film: “Breakthrough on a budget”: Shortlist 2021
  • Film Craft: “Use of licensed Music”: Shortlist 2021
One Show
  • Film: "Online Film"" Merit 2021
  • Film: "Under 50 k budget" Merit 2021
  • Website & E commerce: Merit 2021
  • PR: "Brand Voice": Merit 2021
  • Direct: Finalist 2021
  • Direct: Shortlist 2021
  • Animation: Shortlist 2021
  • Writing for Advertising: Shortlist 2021
French Art Director's Club
  • Writing for Advertising: Silver 2021
  • Sound Production: Silver 2021
  • Digital/Websites: Silver 2021
  • Social media/Viral campaign: Shortlist 2021
  • Direct: Shortlist 2021
Gerety Awards
  • Entertainment Cut: Silver 2021
CPS (Strategic Planners Club)
  • Bronze 2021
  • Film:Writing for Advertising: Shortlist 2022