The conductor Coca Cola

Created at BETC Paris


What if that ‘pshhhhhh’ sound when you crack open a bottle of Coke were more than just gas. What if it was liquid music.


For the global launch of Coke Studios, Coca Cola’s new music platform, we reimagined Queen’s iconic hit, «It’s a kind of magic», and introduced the word to the studio’s 7 first artists along the way.  Created as an ‘hommage’ to the iconic «happiness factory» campaign we musically brought to life that fizz that you hear when you pop open a Coke.

In addition to a global film/music video we produced full length versions of the song with each of the artists and with the help of Universal Music Group, brought them to life as the first pieces of content for the Coke Studios digital platform.

We also released a global out of home campaign that celebrated moments of real magic and music.


  • Film Craft: Production Design: Bronze 2023
Epica Awards
  • Best use of Music: Bronze 2023
French Art Director´s Club
  • Film Craft: Shortlist 2023
One Show
  • Music & Sound Craft: Merit 2023