Created at BETC Paris


Every summer millions of people take part in Pride walks around the world that celebrate love and diversity.  Sadly, LGTBQ seniors, who helped create Pride marches in the first place have stopped attending. Pride walks are not adapted to the senior community. Walking long distances in overcrowded streets with loud music in the sweltering heat is too much for them.


To make Pride more inclusive than ever, Mister b&b -the largest short-term accommodation platform for the LGTBQ community- launched the Silver Pride initiative working together hand in hand with local associations supporting LGTBQ seniors. Mister B&B reserved all the apartments located along the route of the Pride parade in Paris to bring back the seniors to Pride. From balconies and windows, they were able to comfortably participate in the event. To make them visible from balconies we created a new Pride flag by adding a silver stripe that represents this entire generation. The Silver Pride initiative kicked off this summer in Paris, in EuroPride in Malta and then in Atlanta. Due to its success both in the press and with the community it will be taking place in other cities next summer.